U-Temp data logger

  • Temperature measurement and recording
  • Easy operation and PDF detailed reports




The U-Temp offers a simple solution for cold chain management specifically designed for logistics and temperature monitoring.

The U-Temp data logger is ideal for auditing and tracing temperature during the storage and transport of temperature sensitive merchandise.

The unit’s compact, lightweight and waterproof design allows it to fit inside most packages.

No special software or driver is required for set-up or download of data. Once data logging is complete a PDF report is automatically generated including data summary, graph and tabular results.

The U-Temp data logger appears as a mass storage device once connected to a PC.

The U-Temp offers peace of mind for a modest cost.

Main features

  • 2 year shelf life / CR2032 button cell
  • Universal USB2.0 communicating interface
  • Temperature alarm reporting and mark in red
  • Easy operation
  • LED light indicates different status
  • PDF report generated with PC connection

Main Applications

  • Transportation, food &beverage, pharmaceutical, building and Site Monitoring