Welcome to Universeal Group

Where Quality and Service Become one !

With years of constant growth and development, Universeal became, through the manufacturing, production, and distribution of its own products, an undisputablen leader in the realm of high security seals.


Universeal has been a prominent actor on the security seal scene, for over four decades.

The company was founded in Paris, in the late 70’s, by its CEO and owner Claude Wallet.

Since then, Universeal has been in the forefront of seal design and innovation. We have increased our product range and international presence thanks to strategically located production sites, branches and distribution partners.

Experience and Design

In the market for so many years, a key policy at Universeal has been to carefully listen to users and update the design of our products at a more frequent pace than any other manufacturer.

In each product category, we are confident that Universeal offers the most advanced and user friendly design on the market. Our R&D staff and production engineers are seeing that we maintain this leading edge.


Universeal operates three manufacturing sites, plus one independent location in the UK producing specialty plastic seals.

These plants are:

SMJ-Universeal (Shanghai-China)

This Universeal operated production site is under Japanese management and has been manufacturing the whole High Security seal range of Universeal for over 10 years.

With a large number of laser printers, modern production equipment and great emphasis put on quality control, SMJ-Universeal is one of the largest most efficient and dependable seal factories in China. Japanese production methods and supervision are a guarantee for product quality and reliability.

Peever NV-Universeal (Antwerp-Belgium)

This joint-setup, operated with our long-time industrial partners Peever NV (link) is storing and customizing Universeal’s High-Security seals as well as being a distribution center for northern and central Europe. It strongly contributes to Universeal’s product availability and supply flexibility in Europe, one of our company’s strongholds.

Universeal Production Canada, Laval (Montreal) – QC- Canada

This is the newest Universeal seal factory, producing the company’s complete range of plastic indicative seals. Located 12 miles north of Montreal, UPC, is a fully robotized operation, featuring the most modern equipment of any similar plant in the world. High capacity, outstanding quality and modern seal design are characterizing this new setup, in constant evolution.


Universeal companies worldwide

SMJ- Universeal : Shanghai (China) High Security Seal factory

Universeal SAS : Headquarters Europe

Universeal UK ltd: Distribution of the whole seal range in the UK

Universeal North America: Distribution in the United States.

Universeal Production Canada: Production of plastic indicative seals in Canada. Newest plant.


Universeal operates robotized laser marking machines in Europe and North America. These facilities are enabling the fast release of fully customized security seals, with flawless quality.


With a vast array of references in its seal catalogue, Universeal can offer quality solutions for almost each type of seal applications: Indicative, High Security, electronically readable.