UniPad PC

UniPad PC Padlock Seal, all acrylic with a barcode-friendly color combination

  • High quality, cost efficient
  • Fair color acrylic core, over molded by a bright-colored acrylic shell
  • A one-piece construction, double injected, without assembly.
  • Alteration or tampering impossible



The UniPad PC Padlock Seal

The UniPad PC padlock seal by Universeal is a high quality, cost efficient padlock seal, with a fair acrylic core, over molded by a bright-colored acrylic shell.

The UniPad PC padlock seal is a double injected, one-piece construction without assembly, it can withstand extended exposure to outdoor elements, with great cost-efficiency. Most technically advanced padlock today.

Specifically designed for complex prints, logos and longer barcodes.

Laser printed numbers or barcodes are printed on the fair colored core, for easy reading.

Main features

  • Light-colored core for easy barcode reading
  • Two colors, two materials, one-piece coloured shell over molded
  • Galvanized wire hasp. stainless hasp on request
  • Multiple hasp shapes; hasp can be solid for high-resistance, or scored for easy removal
  • Colours: Red, yellow, green, blue, grey, orange or white. Core molded in light colors for better contrast. Special colors on request for large users.

Main Applications

  • Utility meters, airline scales, hatches, tote boxes, cable signalization, and more.

Additional information


Black, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Red, White, Yellow