UniPad CC

UniPad CC Padlock Seal
Clear and coloured Acrylic

  • High quality, cost efficient
  • Clear acrylic core, over moulded by a colored acrylic shell, with a hot stamped color coding tag
  • A strong one-piece construction without assembly
  • Alteration or tampering impossible



The UniPad CC Padlock Seal

The UniPad CC padlock seal by Universeal is a high quality, cost efficient padlock seal, with a clear acrylic core, over moulded by a fair color acrylic shell, for better printing contrast.

The UniPad CC padlock seal is a one-piece construction, without assembly, it can withstand extended exposure to outdoor elements, with great cost-efficiency.

Seal locking integrity can be monitored at all times, thanks to the see-through body.

Laser printed numbers or barcodes, are encapsulated inside the clear acrylic material, making alteration or tampering impossible.

A hot stamped tag is fused to the back of the seal for color-coding.

Main features

  • Clear body for easy detection of tampering (can also come in plain colour)
  • Two colours, two materials, one-piece; coloured shell over moulded
  • Galvanized wire hasp. stainless hasp on request
  • Multiple hasp shapes; hasp can be solid for high-resistance, or scored for easy removal
  • Colours: Fair for the shell. Red, yellow, green, blue, grey, purple, etc. for the color-coding tag.
  • Barcode available

Main Applications

  • Utility meters, airline scales, hatches, tote boxes, cable signalization, and more. Barcode friendly.

Additional information


Green, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow