flexiGrip Flex-A-Peel series

High Security Cable Seal
ISO 17712:2013 Certified
C-TPAT compliant *

  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Detachable plastic sticker bearing same number as printed on body
  • Heavy Duty Steel Mechanism
  • Non Preformed Airline cable, galvanized or stainless
  • Ø 1.5mm, 3.25mm, 5.0mm
  • Non Tamper Able laser printing



flexiGrip Flex-A-Peel cable seal

The flexiGrip Flex-A-Peel High Security Cable Seal series (new extra-secure design) by Universeal is a range of Heavy Duty, rugged, multi-purpose and user-friendly cable seal. ISO 17712 / C-TPAT compliant

A-Peel option available on flexiGrip 150, 325, 500 M cable seal models.

The flexiGrip Flex-A-Peel High Security Cable Seal series are built tough with a steel locking mechanism, hoisted in a dye-cast aluminum body and provides the user with a high level of physical security.

In addition, The flexiGrip Flex-A-Peel High Security Cable Seal series come with a detachable, plastic sticker bearing the same number, as printed on the seal body, for easy number management.

The anodized aluminum body can accommodate logos, barcodes and numbers printed by laser and not erasable.

The wire is of the airline type, non-preformed (frays when cut). Very flexible 7×19.

The FlexiGrip High Security Cable Seal series, by Universeal is the most complete range of cable seals, sold in very large volumes worldwide.

Main features

  • ISO 17712 /C-TPAT Compliant
  • Anodized aluminum body. Many colors at choice
  • Laser engraved. ID and sequential numbers are standard.
  • Detachable plastic sticker bearing the number as printed on seal body.
  • Non-preformed steel airline cable. Stainless on option.
  • Ø 1,5mm, 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 7×19

Main Applications

  • Multiple: All vehicles, airline containers and carts, tanks, valves, drums, boxes, etc.

*All Universeal ISO compliant seals are tested and certified by Dayton T. Brown Laboratories in New York. The most reputable company for seal testing.

Additional information


Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Red


12", 14"