UniBar TC

UniBar TC Barrier seal

  • C-TPAT compliant *
  • Super strong high grade carbon steel barrier seal consisting of two parts plus a high strength cable seal
  • Highly abrasion resistant carbon chrome-alloy steel
  • Very good shock resistance and firmness



The UniBar TC

The UniBar TC by Universeal is a high quality, cost efficient barrier seal consisting of two parts plus high strength cable seal that secures the seal to the door latch creating a very strong and tamper-evident barrier seal.

A solid steel construction, the UniBar TC is a reliable barrier seal that can only be removed with the use of a steel grinder and cable cutters.

Main features

  • High grade carbon steel barrier seal
  • High strength non-preformed cable seal
  • Adjustable locking positions
  • Laser marking available on both steel components and cable seal for added security
  • Far exceeds C-TPAT requirements

Main Applications

  • Containers, Trailers