Universeal Transcore Monitoring & Optimal Seal & Tag Recording Program

Featuring: Transcore’s Encompass 1 Rugged Flex Tablet – E1R Flex –

  • Control shipping operations with the use of a mobile portable system
  • Simultaneous data acquisition of RFID railcar tags and barcoded security seals
  • Creates a powerful, fast and reliable tool for logistics data collection. Eliminates transcription errors.




UTMOST-R by Universeal is a dependable, competent data acquisition program including portable hardware and software to support your shipping operations.

A robust system, UTMOST-R is a reliable railcar and seal monitoring program designed to give users a better utilization of labor, equipment and facility resources.

Main features

  • Ability to scan and record barcoded ISO security seals, eliminating the need for manual entry
  • Ability to simultaneously scan and record inspection and location details of railcars using RFID tags which can then be reconciled and transmitted for tracking and analysis
  • Easy, automatic data collection in user’s mainframe.

Main Applications

  • Railcar Shipping & Receiving areas