Locktainer 3000/L

Locktainer 3000 L
High Security Seal – ISO 17712:2013 *

  • The latest addition to our comprehensive range of bolt seals: The Locktainer™ series.
  • Exclusive design making our bolt seals the safest around
  • Exceptional value for the money.



Locktainer 3000 L Bolt Seal – High Security Seal ISO 17712:2013 *

Universeal has developed and sells worldwide the most comprehensive range of “bolt” Security Seals: the Locktainer™ bolt seal series.

Careful design, stringent quality control and a long experience make our bolt seals the safest around.

In addition, Locktainer™ bolt seals are an exceptional value for the money.

Main features

  • Single or double laser numbering bolt seal. Tamperproof printing. Robust steel core and mechanism. No-spin design.
  • Seal is easy to apply; no tools are required, just snap the pin into the barrel.
  • Colours: Red, yellow, green, blue, grey, orange or white. Special colors on request for large users.

Main Applications

  • Containers, railway cars, truck trailers.

* All Universeal ISO compliant seals are tested and certified by Dayton T. Brown Laboratories in New York. The most reputable company for seal testing.

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Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow